Well crafted whisky discovering & networking event!

18 & 19 november - Caro hotel
Whisky Fest Romania is an event dedicated to whisky lovers, whose purpose, in addition to celebrating this wonderful distillate, is to bring together both enthusiasts and those who want to initiate in/discover the fascinating world of whisky.


At Whisky Fest Romania 2022, representatives of whisky importers are present, grouped in 18 booths, representing over 300 whisky labels, Scottish, Irish, American, Japanese, etc.


The visitor who has purchased a ticket or subscription for access to the festival will receive at the entrance, together with the access bracelet, a special Glencairn glass with which he can later taste the whisky expressions from the festival, at the booths, where he can also find out details about the labels exposed.


While the glass of Glencairn is free/included in the ticket price, the tasting of the labels at the booths is for a fee, the visitor paying the value of the chosen dram, with cash or card to the stand operator. The dram, the standard portion is 20 ml, and the prices are displayed in a visible place, at each individual operator.


Also, free/included in the ticket price, is the still/sparkling water that can be picked up at the entrance or from dedicated points, as well as the coffee available at a point of sale within the festival premises.


Moreover, upon exiting the festival, the visitor has access to the Whiskey Shop, where he can purchase the expressions tasted at the festival, or others ones exclusively available at the Whisky Shop.


In addition, during the festival, there is also a food sales point, for a successful pairing with whisky.


For smokers and not only, there is access to a heated terrace, overlooking the lake and the park.
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